Project 29

Every Individual young and old has a Purpose in Life,
We aim to facilitate, to recognise and fulfil that purpose.


Project 29 Vision

Project 29 is an organisation serving the needs of its community. Although a registered charity, it aims to be self-sustaining and free from dependance upon grants or public funding.

Project 29 aims to work with all organisations of the third and private sector to benefit the community. We particularly aim to work with those less fortunate be it socially or economically disadvantaged.

Project 29 particularly prides itself on its media department. This consists of a community radio station, voiceover recording studio and video facility. Within our remit we provide training in all aspects of media to improve employment skills whilst developing self-confidence, self-esteem and improved communication skills. In order to be self-sustaining we offer our facilities to both the public and private sector at competitive rates without compromise of quality.

Project 29 is a leading third sector organisation in multi-faith collaborative work, proudly boasting a first of its kind multi-faith library in the uk. The library is open to all members of the community where they can share their ideas and values. In order to tackle extremism, intolerance and prejudices we regularly hold seminars and talks to improve cohesion and eradicate misconceptions. We engage with the youth of today and community members of tomorrow to be proactive in all areas of the organisation, helping its development whilst benefiting individually.

Anwarul Haq
Project 29 Founder

We provide in house training in Radio Broadcasting, script developing, production and transmission of programs that are relevant and of informative to the community  more...

We are the first organisation in the UK to have an Multi-Faith library, stocking literature from a variety of faiths to eradicate religious prejudice, help clear up misconceptions.    more...


We engage with many independent providers of health and fitness facilities to make them available for those disadvantaged due to economical deprivation.  more...

We provide adult learning to promote literacy and run an after school Club to deliver extra help for those wanting to supplement their school learning and achieve to the best of their potential


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Project 29 is a community project - For the People, By the People. Your community, Your voice