Health and Mental Wellbeing

Project 29 is proud to be at the forefront of developing links within the Asian community especially regarding health and mental wellbeing. We aim to facilitate the delivery of local authority Adult Care services providing a full brokerage and advocacy service.

Project 29 recognises that most other communities within the borough are well served in this field but the needs of the ageing Asian community are not currently addressed. We aim to rectify this present trend by engaging with the community and by recognising their needs whilst helping the adult care services to best serve the community and raise awareness of particular issues e.g. dementia and Alzeimer's. So that those who are inflicted with these illnesses recieve the best care. We also recognise that many sufferers more often than not are looked after by immediate family members who may not know how to firstly recognise and then deal with the symptoms. We aim to provide support to these individuals.

Also, because of the age group infilcted by these illnesses, their first language is not English, therefore communication becomes a big barrier. We are currently recruiting with a desire to train members particularly from these communities who are bilingual and have a greater understanding of cultural and religious matters.

Overall this will also impact on the lowering of unemployment and back to work government agendas.












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